Today’s Hint: Hint Mama’s Top Five Going-Back-to-Work Hints

Like all good things, maternity leave must come to an end. And mine has.

If it seems like things are a bit quiet around here, it’s because I’m heading back to work this week after five months off. I’m in the midst of figuring out my new routine and when I can fit in writing for fun now that I have two kids and a full-time day job. In the meantime, until I’m back in the swing of my new schedule, I plan to publish at least one hint weekly.

So, in the spirit of returning to a work routine, my hint this week is my top five going-back-to-work hints.

1. Time your return to work right. In other words, return to work mid-week or during a holiday week, so you have time to catch up on emails and adjust back to work life. This is why I returned to work on December 31 after my first maternity leave and why I’m returning to work on a Wednesday this time around.

2. Pump effectively with these 4 pumping hacks for working moms.

3. Don’t waste time unnecessarily cleaning your pump accessories. Know these 4 ways to make cleaning pump accessories easier and less time-intensive.

4. Get a free breast pump. Here’s how.

5. Think grocery, and meal, delivery. By ordering your meals and groceries with a few clicks, you can spend more of your time off enjoying your little ones rather than slaving away at the stove or running errands. Here’s how to save money when buying groceries online and how to cut the costs of meal delivery services.

And for more tips for easing the transition back to work, check out these nine smart ones from Cool Mom Tech (I love #3 about scheduling regular video chats with your young kids).

What are your top going-back-to-work tips?

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