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Today’s Hint: Easily Removable (and Affordable) Wall Decor & GIVEAWAY

When you have a newborn, it can feel like the baby stage is going to last forever (or at least, that’s how I felt). But as everyone tells you, time really does go fast (or rather, it goes fast after your baby turns 6 months old).

So, before you know it, your little one will outgrow much in the cute nursery, kids’ room and playroom you carefully put together.

This is why I’m a fan of going for gear that can grow with your family  and wall decorations that are easily removable and not too expensive. In fact, I’ve already written about a number of ideas for affordable kids’ room wall décor including DIY fabric wall art, DIY wall letters and repurposed calendar images.

Today’s hint is one more idea for the list of budget-friendly, and easily removable, wall art: removable wallpaper.


A Chasing Paper design

I didn’t know that relatively affordable removable wallpaper existed until I came across the brand Chasing Paper, which sells $30 two-feet by four-feet panels of wallpaper that you can easily put on, and peel off, your walls.

And it turns out that there’s a whole growing marketplace of similar products, many of which come in roll form and a number that can be found on Etsy. In other words, the days of wallpapering walls with messy glue rolls may soon be a thing of the past. Other moms are also fans of the removable approach, especially for accent walls, including Susie Fougerousse, mother of five and founder of the high-end children’s furniture store Rosenberry Rooms, and the ladies over at Cool Mom Picks.

Chasing Paper founder Elizabeth Rees compares how her company’s peel-n-stick paper works to “a super sticky post-it note” that she says won’t take wall paint off (assuming the paint is at least two weeks old). And unlike wall decals, she says, the sticker-like product is designed not to start curling off in cold weather (I love the tree wall decal I have in my daughter’s room, but it does curl off a bit every so often). Chasing Paper, Ms. Rees says, also doesn’t print on plastic, and its panels look and feel a lot like traditional wallpaper.


A Chasing Paper design

Ms. Rees says many of her customers who are decorating baby and kid rooms go for basic designs like black-and-white stripes, geometric designs or polka dots (see the image the right and check out one nursery with such paper over at blog sweetest digs).

Still, Chasing Paper plans to roll out a line of panels specially designed for kids’ rooms later this month (think popsicles and ice-cream cones, as seen in the image above). Chasing Paper also offers a chalkboard panel for those who want to install easy DIY wall chalkboards, which could work great a prop for very creative month-by-month first year photo shoots.

To be sure, you don’t have to use the paper as wallpaper. For example, Nicole Balch mentioned some ideas on for using the paper to spice up rooms beyond the bedroom, and here’s some inspiration for turning the paper into framed playroom wall art. And while removable wallpaper may be easier to install than traditional paper, installing it can take time too.

Finally, since the paper should last several years and can be reused in different rooms, you can always move whatever designs you choose from room to room as your family grows and bring it from one house, or rental, to another. Chasing Paper is giving away a $120 gift certificate to one lucky Hint Mama reader – details below.

What are your tricks for decorating on a budget? Share them – and enter to win Chasing Paper wallpaper – below.
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Photo credit: Chasing Paper

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  1. Nikki Strong says

    Don’t wake a newborn every 3 hours to feed it. It will only start bad sleep habits. He will wake when he gets hungry.

  2. Nadine Bongio says

    My oldest son was a terrible napper and sleeper…until my second so was born 21 months later. I put them in the same room and my older son stopped having problems getting to sleep! I guess he liked the company! lol

  3. Julie Lee says

    My youngest has been getting up SUPER early these past two weeks…like 5am…or even early sometimes. I read that if you put them to bed earlier, they will sleep longer. I’m def going to try it.

  4. Mary says

    I would LOVE this! Not only are we planning on starting a family soon, but we live in military housing, so NO painting allowed! It would definitely add a lot to our decor!

  5. Evelyn Chuter says

    When my children were young I never had sleep problems with them. I always loved to hold them and rock them to sleep. Just like my mom did me. I don’t hear any complains from my children about getting their children to sleep. I have more trouble with 14 year old granddaughter,who lives with me, and getting her to go to sleep.

  6. Dawn Monroe says

    My tip is dont be afraid to shop chain stores or dollar stores. Nn one will know that your accessories didnt come from Macy’s or Pier 1.

  7. Denise says

    I’m big on decorating for all holidays big or small. I find lots of inexpensive goodies a Dollar Tree & the 99 cent store. Whey you keep things festive it’s hard to see that you don’t have much of your own décor going on. I’m also big on making my own décor from ideas I find online.

  8. Katy says

    Paint can change anything! I especially love using gold spray paint. You would be amazed at the transformations a bit of metallic can add!

  9. Kimberly says

    My tip for decorating on a budget is to upcycle and re-purpose things. Framed illustrations from books make a great, cohesive and inexpensive gallery wall. Add legs to a (clean) vintage suitcase for a one of a kind storage end table.

  10. Desiree Dunbar says

    I have neutral furniture which allows me to change the accessory décor, like pillows and candles, with the seasons.

  11. Tinisha Williams says

    Dont over stress if the baby cries or get over whelmed they can feel ur stress and it makes it more stressful on them which in turn makes it more stressful on you.

  12. Tonya (Rafflecopter: Taj Kingston) says

    My tip for decorating on a budge is to learn to sew! Making your own pillows is cheap and a great way to change the look of your room instantly.


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