Today’s Hint: How to Make Baby Bottle Drying Racks Worth the Money (& GIVEAWAY)

My daughter is long past the bottle stage, yet we still have our First Years Spinning Drying Rack for bottles prominently placed in our kitchen next to the sink.

The reason: We use the rack as our kitchen drying rack, drying everything, from hand-washed wine glasses to plastic bowls still wet from the dishwasher, on it.

While there are certain kitchen accessories for parents of infants, like bottle sterilizers, that are on my waste-of-money baby product list, baby bottle drying racks don’t make that list. Their usefulness even after the bottle stage makes them well worth the money and is today’s hint.


Wine glasses drying on a Boon Lawn drying rack.

Others have also noticed that the racks can dry more than baby accessories. A writer at Modern Day Moms recently covered how she “managed to dry my coffee pot & knives” on her Boon Lawn countertop drying rack, and a friend of mine says she dries her chef knives and steak knives on such a rack’s fake -grass drying blades, which hold the knives “perfectly in a row.” Meanwhile, reviewers on have used the rack for drying wine glasses and mugs. Enter to win a Boon Lawn drying rack, and fly drying rack accessory, below.

There also are non-drying related ways to upcycle the racks, tips worth considering if you already have a regular old drying rack and are considering getting a special bottle drying rack to keep the baby gear separate.

One friend of mine uses a grass-like rack with flower and trees accessories as a jewelry holder for bracelets and necklaces. Meanwhile, another crafty friend of mine plans to turn her drying rack into a “great place to put messy art projects while they dry,” as Julie Kirkwood did in an activity she designed for Kiwi Crate.


My First Years drying rack.

Elsewhere, a reviewer on said she used the rack initially as a coupon holder, while Shannon of the blog Jozi turned one of the racks into storage for finger puppets.

Finally, the racks also can be used for other purposes, and could even be art in themselves.

The rack manufacturers, meanwhile, cite this kind of usefulness in their marketing materials. Tomy, which makes the Boon Lawn countertop drying rack (and the new smaller Patch drying rack) as well as the First Years products, points out that the racks are not just for baby stuff. For instance, the Boon site declares that “the flexible grass blades hold all your just-washed baby accessories. (And whatever else you want.)”

image021What other uses have you found for baby kitchen accessories, and baby gear in general, that your kids have outgrown?


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  1. says

    This kind of drying rack is about a gazillion times better than the one I had when my daughter was a baby. I’m entering and hoping to win so I can pass it along to my best friend who is expecting!

  2. soumiya k says

    We too use it for drying wine glasses and other tiny breakables in the kitchen, and I occasionally leave my artist paintbrushes on it…

  3. Caitlin Smith says

    Our cheapo drying rack is most often full of bottle parts, but definitely collects random stray objects to dry… Like our reusable sandwich bags!

  4. Amanda says

    We use our Boon grass for everything and our kids are both way past bottle stage. Works great to dry out the reusable lunch bags. You can position them so they stay open and dry out. Also great for the straws that come in their water bottles. Poke em over a blade and they dry out completely.

  5. Aislinn says

    We don’t have a drying rack yet (baby is due in August,) but I think using it to dry knives that can’t do in the dishwasher is an awesome idea!

  6. says

    We still use ours for reusable water bottles and the standing one works great when it comes to the holidays. I store festive cookie cutters on it. My son loves to have his sandwiches cut into different shapes and it makes it easier to find the one he wants during each holiday. :)

  7. Angela Cochneuer says

    Drying any dishes in STYLE! I originally saw these for a baby shower and they are AWESOME and really neat to look at. I also like the accessories.


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