Today’s Hint: Plan Ahead When Buying Your First Baby’s Stroller

When I was pregnant and deciding on the stroller to get, I narrowed my list down to single-child strollers that could convert into double strollers. This wasn’t because I was having twins, and I didn’t already have an older child.

Rather, it was because I figured we planned to have more than one kid so we might as well save money by opting for a multi-function stroller that could hopefully last us through our childbearing years.

Buying a new stroller is a lot like buying a car. There are a host of features and accessories – from cup holders to infant car seat compatibility to double stroller convertibility– whose importance you need to weigh when you’re deciding on the right baby wheels for your family.

Today’s hint is to consider prioritizing the convertibility feature if you’re expecting your first child and are hoping to have another child soon after (or at least before your first little one ages out of strollers).

In other words, if you’re planning on having (or if there’s any chance at all you’ll have) children close in age, “buy a stroller that has the capability to become a double stroller,” suggests my friend. She has a 17 month old and is pregnant with her second child, and wishes she had gotten a stroller that could convert into a double from the get go, instead of now buying such a model as her family’s fourth stroller.

At least some experts agree. Convertibility from a single to a double is “an amazing feature because it saves you money,” says stroller review site “Stroller Envy.” In fact, on Amy Tanathorn, the editor of Stroller Envy, says on Savvy Sassy Moms that she prefers convertible strollers over travel systems.

So which strollers fit this bill? My stroller – the Uppababy Vista does – as do Phil & Teds Inline strollers, as well as the Britax B-Ready, the Peg Perego Skate and the Baby Jogger City Select.

You’ll want to make sure that the model you decide on fits your lifestyle, and that you like where the second seat attaches. Also, keep in mind that convertible strollers aren’t cheap and you’ll generally have to pay extra for the second seat, though Ms. Tanathorn writes that prices for the strollers are coming down as competition in the space heats up.

To be sure, as moms on The Bump point out, instead of opting for a convertible from the start, you can always sell a non-convertible single stroller when your second kid arrives, and use the money toward a double stroller. Or you could just put one of your kids in the single stroller, and wear your younger baby or have your toddler walk.

Still, if you buy a convertible stroller from the get go, you’ll at least have bought yourself the option to easily cart around more than one kid.

What are your stroller-buying hints?

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  1. says

    I have 2 kids close in age – both very tall and one who was extremely “hefty” and a very late walker (19 months). Getting a durable LIGHTWEIGHT stroller is more important than anything else if you think your genes will result in tall and/or sumo wrestler weight children. I had five strollers for my kids….and unfortunately, I didn’t like any of them because once I put both of my kids in them, they were too heavy to push. Also, if you’re tall like I am or if you have a tall partner/parent/spouse, make sure the handles are high enough so you don’t have to slouch over to push the stroller.

    • ana says

      I have the exact same issue and was wondering what you would recommend to be the best doublr stroller?

  2. el says

    I was going to get the uppababy vista but I’ve heard that it doesn’t always necessarily fit the older kid (older kid might weigh too much by then, so even if you buy that with plans for 2 kids, it doesn’t necessarily work out. Now I’m rethinking the vista .


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