Today’s Hint: Another Use for a Stroller Bassinet

One of the most agonizing planning-for-baby decisions to make: Which stroller to get. There are “multi-function” styles that come with bassinet and umbrella attachments, “all-terrain” styles good for off-roading and “travel systems” complete with a car seat.

But though the multi-function models can be pricey, there are a number of reasons to consider opting for them. Such strollers generally can grow with your child and family (many transform into double strollers), and it’s a good idea to lay newborns flat in a bassinet for long strolling naps.

Today’s hint is one more way you can make these models worth the money: Use the stroller bassinet as your baby’s actual sleep time bassinet. By doing this, you can skip spending money on a special small place for your newborn to sleep, like a stand-alone bassinet or a co-sleeper.

In fact, for the first four months of her life, my daughter slept in the easily portable bassinet that came with the Uppababy Vista stroller we opted for. At nights, she slept in it in our room by our bed (we just placed the bassinet right on the floor) and during the day, she slept in it as well, whether in our living room or on strolls.

I’m not the only fan of this trick. Moms on BabyCenter and WhattoExpect.com, as well as Ellena at the PishPoshBaby blog and writer Michaela Evanow, like it too.

But is this safe to do? Uppababy says its bassinet can safely be used this way. According to the stroller manufacturer’s site, “the VISTA bassinet has been tested and approved for overnight sleeping,” meaning you can “detach the bassinet and carry your sleeping infant anywhere.” And the company sells a bassinet stand. Meanwhile, the Bugaboo site says the Cameleon bassinet can be used on the ground.

To be sure, whether this is safe will depend on the exact stroller bassinet model you have. In addition, not every newborn needs a bassinet. Some go right to the crib or sleep with their parents (though some safety experts advise against the latter). And how long you’d be able to use a stroller bassinet as an overnight sleep solution will certainly depend on the size of your child.

Still, if you’re in the market for a stroller as well as for a newborn sleep solution, I’d suggest checking both off your list with a multi-function stroller model.

What are other ways you’ve made strollers worth their money? What are your favorite stroller models and why?

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  1. says

    I love my Vista. We initially bought the Cruz, but changed it to the Vista. It has way better shocks. I’m glad we did it because 4 months after the birth of our son, we learned I was pregnant. Our boys are 1year 10 days apart. So we needed the Rumble Seat and turned our Vista into a double stroller. Super handy.
    We used the bassinet more with my first son. My second was too curious from the get go so he wanted to be able to see everything. The bassinet is too deep for that. So we put it away (it comes with a super convenient bag that keep the dust away) and now we’re using an infant-to-toddler chair. He loves it.
    By the way, you cannot use the bassinet and the Rumble Seat (the second child seat) on the stroller at the same time. There is no space. So I just used either the car seat or the regular stroller seat when going going for walks with both kids. It’s working out fine. Especially now that my older son is walking. He sits in the Rumble Seat only when he gets tired.
    Overall, the Uppababy Vista is a good stroller. I’m really happy with it.

  2. Sara says

    I recently traveled with my daughter and our Vista with the bassinet, and I used it to haul our carry-ons through the airport while carrying my daughter in the Baby K’tan carrier. She slept soundly in the bassinet in the hotel room and loved to lie around, kicking and stretching out while strolling around. I also got a lot of complements on the stroller. I love our Uppababy Vista!

  3. says

    We bought the vista and have def. gotten our money worth. My daughter slept in the bassinet on a rocking stand for her first 6 weeks. We used the car seat adapter, and traveled with the bassinet as needed. She is currently in the regular seat and love the bug net. We also got the travel bag which was awesome and gave us some piece of mind when traveling. Couldn’t be happier!

  4. says

    As a pediatrician I want to add a few things to this discussion.

    1. The safety standards governing cribs do NOT apply to bassinets – http://www.cpsc.gov//PageFiles/101628/cribfinal.pdf

    2. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission has guidelines for bassinet construction, there are no federal government safety standards for bassinets.

    3. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is working on a new bassinet safety rule. In the meantime, they offer these suggestions: Before buying or borrowing a bassinet, check this bassinet recall list -http://1.usa.gov/1fw8d5T – to make sure the product has not been recalled. Make sure to follow the bassinet’s setup instructions and be sure that all fasteners are secure, including all snaps and Velcro. Use only the mattress supplied by the manufacturer for your specific bassinet and make sure that you assemble the bassinet properly. Improper assembly can lead to baggy or collapsed sides, gaps and openings that are dangerous areas in which babies can get trapped.

    4. For bassinets like the Vista & Cruz ones – i.e. that have non-breathable sides – it is recommended that they no longer be used for sleeping once the baby shows signs of being able to move/roll (sometimes as early as 2 months of age) – as if the baby moves & turns their face into the sides there is a risk of suffocation.http://www.cribsforkids.org/ask-the-pediatrician-faqs/

  5. says

    Eight years after choosing our first stroller (a mid-range Maclaren), I’m still using it.

    Due to strange circumstances, we have owned a fleet of strollers (2 Britax, 3 Bumbleride, Mia Moda, and more), yet the Maclaren is the one I love and use the most.

    Runners up: Britax B-Ready (or as our friend calls it, “The Transformer” is great when you have a toddler and a baby (or an infant in a Britax car seat). The Graco SnugRider car seat frame stroller is amazing when you’re using a Graco car seat (much lighter than the Britax combination).


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