Today’s Hint: The Best iPhone Case for Parents

“Where did you get that?” That’s what other parents ask me when they see my new iPhone case, before they comment on how cute my daughter is.

Why does my daughter’s cuteness come up in the same conversation as a phone case? That’s because my iPhone back displays just a picture of my cutie (see the picture above). I made the case at using the “All About Us” design without any text, and, and also offer similar services. Unfortunately, I can’t totally take credit for this hint because I copied another mom whose iPhone case I recently admired at a birthday party.

While this kind of custom photo phone case isn’t cheap (and is far more expensive than the bumper design I recently bought my husband), it eliminates the need to carry around wallet pictures or to have to scroll into your phone to show pictures. It’s also just plain cool (as pointed out by Cool Mom Tech) and still relatively uncommon, especially for dads.

Plus, the pictures on these cases are a lot sturdier than pasting tiny pictures of your child directly to your phone case, something a clever friend of mine did (her idea is a cheaper option if you don’t want to splurge on a professionally done photo case). You also don’t have to be limited to personalizing your phone with photos. Instead, you could opt to display your child’s artwork, as pointed out recently by Stephanie Manner Wagner.

There is a huge downside to this kind of personalized case, of course. It may make your little ones more likely to think your phone is their property. You can find more advice for how to make a personalized iPhone case here.

What’s the best iPhone case for parents you’ve come across?

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